Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello Everyone,

We are still in the middle of renovations.. I still ask myself if we are moving forward yet, everyday so much more mess is made as more and more walls are being demolished.  Still on the bright side, the tiles are set to go down next week - 120 Metres.. which is a lot of tiles, the kitchen is booked in, the ducting for the rangehood is going in tomorrow, the electrician has finally finished all his rewiring and it looks like next week we will start to put everything back together again and we'll have a house again.  

As we speak, I don't have a kitchen, which means I'm cooking "a la camping style" for a family of five.. washing up is even harder, we don't have lights except in our bedrooms, I don't have a washing machine connected, the powerpoints are all disconnected on the lower floor so we've run up lots of leads from the garage so at least the refrigerator is powering. 

We have a team of 4 plasterers working this week and next week will be a lot more fun as we'll see some walls go up.. Every so slowly more and more puzzle pieces of this renovation are slowly being put back together again.

I would love to share a card with you but I have not been crafting as I don't even have ink pads within reach… however I thought I would share a fabulous prize give away…  

I  follow this great scrapbooking club in Canada and they have a beautiful give away, I thought I'd pass on the details as you might want to enter… If you don't have a blog to link to you can do it through facebook.  Anyway here goes

Once upon a sketch give away

If you're crafty you could win this gorgeous kit 

Check out the details here

I hope to post some pictures next week, so you can get an idea of how the renovations are going :)

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