Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Stampin' Up! Mini is here soon :)

Good Morning my stamping friends,

My how time flies..  so much has been happening on the homefront.. please excuse my absence.  Fristly we have had a lot of problems with our renovation.. one of those builder's nightmares really.  To cut a long story short, our builder put the wrong supporting beams in when he removed some walls and the whole upper storey of our house shifted.. to the point where we had cracks appearing in our ceilings upstairs some doors didn't close properly.

We got an engineer to do some reports and basically all the work had to be undone and steel beams were to replace the wrong ones.  So we got ourselves another builder who has now installed the correct beams and we are slowly on track again..  It did cost a lot of money which we hadn't budgeted for so we're behind the eightball financially.  We are not going to sue the first builder as we have known him as a distant friend for 20 years.

Then to top everything off we lost our beautiful Birman cat on Friday. She was very close to all of us and we are all shattered.  I can not begin to say how much I loved that little girl, she was my constant companion and followed me around the house all day long.  She's so sadly missed.  She was given the name Yasmine on her papers but we all called her puss puss because no name was perfect enough for her…

Sorry to ramble.  I would like to show you the new Promotion which has just commenced and thought I would also tell you that the new Mini Catalogue will be out in only 4 weeks time.  It's beautiful and I can't wait to order some of the new stamp sets myself.

I'll be back to stamping soon, right now a lot of my things are literally covered in builder's dust, but I haven't stamped for a while and my fingers really are itching so I promise I will definitely get back to being creative really soon.

I hope you are all well and that your lives are happy :)

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